Sunday, June 29, 2003


Blogs are about linking, and writing your useless stuff. At least thats my impression, so I will give you some links.

First of all we have webbery, a web gallery by a independent photographer. There are no annoying advertising, but you can go straight to the galleries view photos of eg. hips (which happens to be my favorite gallery).

Next in line is Ship of Fools the “Magazine of Christian Unrest”, for me it´s mostly a discussion forum, about all things jesus. A another highlight of theirs is the “Mystery Worshipper”, reports about church services in (mostly) England, America & Australia.

re:generation is a quaterly christian print mag, because of that some, but only some, of its articles are published only. Nonetheless worth reading.

sensibleerection is a community weblog, which means everyone can post links & comments to articles, galleries, games and pr0n. Yes right porn, if you don't want that enter here or create a account and set the filters accordingly.

There are nice guys and there are “nice guys”, if you want to know the difference have a look at Heartless Bitches International: “Nice Guys”=Bleah!, a collection of rants about these guys, someone could find himself there.

Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Ich träume von der Nacht und ich träume von dir Ich lausche der Stille und lausche dir Meine Augen wandern über den Himmel und landen bei dir Ein lächeln mich empfängt und lieblich umgarnt

The gift of love is amazing