Sunday, August 29, 2010

web tools

Yahoo! Pipes

I have never really used webtools or even a toolchain, except for simple stuff like this blog or twitter. Usually I just develop stuff if I need something special. But yesterday I used two tools which are great especially the second one. RSS Pump can aggregate several data source, not just RSS feeds, and shows them as a newsticker or a static list. So I'm using it to collect news and articles regarding EVE Online for my corp homepage. The other tool I am amazed by is Yahoo! Pipes. It also collects data from various sources but that's where the similarities end. The end product is a RSS feed or JSON data but in between you can twist and format the data any way you like, which is great as I noticed as not every source has the same format. But what amazed me even more is the editor as it's not text based but instead done via visual programming, neatly visualizing the dataflow.