Tuesday, November 25, 2003

i could cry

it's so beautiful i could cry, it's different, for better. i don't feel pushed aside, ignored

I will see her again on thursday, two days, which will take a long time to pass.

You know, it's that thing when you are just happy, it comes close to a perfect time, what is better than happiness/love? -

Thursday, November 20, 2003

kissa on matolla

Indicator that you are in love: When you think “Oh, no! It's going to be five days till I will see her again“

That's how I feel at the moment. It's horrible, like waiting for christmas eve. Last night I was so excited I had to read a book to get my mind off her and fall asleep.

Although it's not listed in his schedule, I'm going to listen to Adrian Plass tonight.

Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Don't watch Matrix 3

I did it, and I regret it, poor story, no very poor story. Everything that has a beginning has an end, Matrix doesn't, or at least it's so disappointing, that it would do better without part three. The only thing which is interesting plotwise is the talk between that architect and the oracle, the rest is crap.

Saturday, November 01, 2003

java sucks!

No not really, it's just that the the current code assignment, which really sucks, is in java.

Too angry, must take a break and go to my fathers birthday.


Side-effects aren't cool, calling a method just to get a side-effect, is something i loath to do. We had to code a simple queue whose content is limited by the types the comparator accepts. The comparator will throw a exception if incompatible objects are passed. So the queue.enqueu(Object o) method will “throw” will throw it aswell, which is okay if the queue already contains an element. If the queue is empty no comparison/sorting has to be done, but that means you could have a object, which won't be accepted by the comparator, in your queue. Calling comparator.compare(o,o) solves the problem, but I don't want to compare anything I call it just to cause a exception if o isn't accepted by comparator.compare(). Thats why “java” sucks.