Friday, February 24, 2012

PHP Class Browser II

 So I checked out cedet and while the package seems good it's PHP support sucks, as in out of the box you get almost none, to get some you have to use either etags instead of the standard tags that comes with emacs or you have to use something from the contrib directory which is unmaintained. Not wanting to deal with etags I'm opting for updating the parser in the contrib directory. Using that a parser could be really interesting, as it means Emacs could know a lot more about the code and with some uh effort one could even have a very much up to date parser by using the grammar from the PHP code (Zend/something.y). Problem: It's a lot of effort for me and not a lot of help/interest from the community it seems.
But if I can pull it off, it would help creating refactoring, style, common error (using uninitialised variables) tools.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

PHP Class Browser

Idea for emacs:
I want to be able to M-x something on a method call and get a new buffer showing all the implementations of that method and from there browse the methods of the class they belong to. And while we're at it a browseable class tree.
I haven't used cedet yet, but as it comes with emacs24 and is supposed to handle C++ it might already have such a thing but probably needs a "PHP parser"