Saturday, February 28, 2004


I have updated xmms-remote to work with X-Chat 2.

xmms-remote was my first C program, I wanted a program to show the mp3 I'm currently playing, simply because it was “hip” at that time. The program itsself was easy to write, yet finding out how to make it a X-Chat plugin wasn't. There was hardly any documentation, a sample plugin was provided with the source, but it did not use the functions I needed, so I had search for them myself in the sourcecode. Luckily that changed, as the X-Chat 2.0 C API is properly documented.

do it yourself

Sometimes I think “Application X should have this feature” or “I wish there was a Application which could do Y”, and only a few days ago it dawned unto me that I could write these things myself. So I'm interested in fixing dfm (there are problems with the image which are loaded twice and/or have a different format than xpm), and writing a file based blogging tool for blogger. The language of choice for the blog tool will be either Smalltalk or Common Lisp, for dfm I'll have to stick to C.

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

nice guy

If you think you are a nice guy like this take some time and listen to some heartless bitches

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

printing in the RRZ

Today I had the joy of trying to print some slides in the RRZ. The first free terminal was a AIX one, so I downloaded the pdf and looked for some information on how to use the duplex option. It is either hidden very well or there is none because I couldn't find anything, but what was even worse that the queues weren't available as show on the printing websites. Using man lpr and less /etc/qconfig I found out they are given different names on the AIX server. After a successfull test run with five pages, I tried to print the rest but the only thing which cames was the cover sheet. Thinking windows would be the easier way, I logged out of the AIX terminal and logged into a Windows NT terminal, did a another test run with 10 pages, duplex, successfully, and tried to print the rest, but again just the cover sheet. Finally being frustrated I gave up, and will print the rest at home.


We are just friends, that's why there has been no update for the last three days. But she enjoyed the roses i sent her for valentines.

Friday, February 20, 2004

Oh great

Browser or blogger ate my entry, I love it, shouldn't write directly in the browser, well that's it for today then.

Thursday, February 19, 2004


I hoped others would add comments to xachs lisp braindamage, as I'm just building up my own braindamage, and afaik learning from the mistake of others is a great source of knowledge, or so.


Last week I had the T3 Praktikum, which was mainly microcode (decoding instructions) and assembler for the c-core, which is basically a simplified version of the Motorola m-core. One of the programs we had to write was to simulate preemptive multitasking. Writing assembler made me realize that C is just a fancier way to mess around with registers & memory, what you actually access are memory locations, and not objects or pointers, but 16, 32, 64bits.

writing daily

I will try to write daily, just to write, and get better with time. Sometimes I have small things to write about but I'm to lazy to really do it, and after a while a blockade builds up because I didn't write when I could have, when I think about it it's really stupid.

At the moment I'm sitting in my livingroom/kitchen and it is a bit chilly because the window is open, but I can not remember opening it. A child outside is crying. When everything goes as planned, I'll write some more stuff, go shopping, have meal call her and attend the youth group leader meeting.