Tuesday, February 24, 2004

printing in the RRZ

Today I had the joy of trying to print some slides in the RRZ. The first free terminal was a AIX one, so I downloaded the pdf and looked for some information on how to use the duplex option. It is either hidden very well or there is none because I couldn't find anything, but what was even worse that the queues weren't available as show on the printing websites. Using man lpr and less /etc/qconfig I found out they are given different names on the AIX server. After a successfull test run with five pages, I tried to print the rest but the only thing which cames was the cover sheet. Thinking windows would be the easier way, I logged out of the AIX terminal and logged into a Windows NT terminal, did a another test run with 10 pages, duplex, successfully, and tried to print the rest, but again just the cover sheet. Finally being frustrated I gave up, and will print the rest at home.

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