Thursday, March 25, 2010


I githubbed the code from the previous post. It's now at Also php-run-string has been fixed.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

emacs/php code

Some interesting functions if you happen to write PHP code in emacs:

php-mode.el with some modifications:

;; - php-check-syntax-and-goto-line bound to F12
;; - changed the find-tag-default function to differentiate between
;;   methods and functions BUT this means you need to use tag-fucker.php
;;   instead of etags/ctags/whatever

tag-fucker.php (rename it to use it). A CLI script which generates TAGS/etags stuff used in my php-mode. Much slower than etags but maybe it can by compiled by HipHop.

php.el Some extra php related elisp code. Them gem of it is update-tag-file which does what it says on saving a file ((php-)after-save-hook)

Those files need a bit of shell & elisp knowledge if you want to use them. Go and hack away. If you like/use/modified it pls leave a comment.

Ideapad: incremental tags

  • Add a hook to save buffer
  • run script to remove file from TAGS
  • run tag-fker to add stuff from buffer
  • run some tags function in emacs to make adopt changes in TAGS

Update: check out for an implementation