Wednesday, January 14, 2004

bush, election, mac, love

Bush in 30 Seconds. While some are pretty funny, using a mac, others are scary. I don't really want to comment on him, except for his international activities which are imho best described as “imperialistic”, as I dont really know how he justified what his administration did, nor do I know the real situation of the people living in the USA. I just can´t critize without knowing.

A bit more local is this “Hamburger Wahlblog” which I found via the Schockwellenreiter. It provides a information about election in Hamburg, and only about, which is nice because you don´t have to buy & keep daily newspapers to get all the information, plus lesser events/information, are probably covered aswell.

I love Brent

I really had a good day yesterday, I´m still happy

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