Saturday, September 11, 2004

Lisp in Games

It's not a secret that Naughty Dog uses Lisp to write its games like Jak & Dexter, and you can even look at the Lisp code that was used in Abuse (it is in the data files archive).

But it is more of a secret that at least two other games owned/distributed/whatever use Lisp for their AI. Age of Empires: Age of Kings uses as suspiciously Lisep-like syntax for their AI-scripts. report from the 2002 Game Developer’s Conference Question #6 near the end: &ldquoLISP is more a favorite of academics and rarely used by game developers, though the AI in Halo makes heavy use of LISP scripts.”. And to cheat in “A Bug's Life” you can edit "lisp\options.lsp".

This is a badly written text, basically it's just some links, I found on the usenet, surrounded by a few words

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