Sunday, October 24, 2004

piano dreams

Some months ago I had a strange dream, strange because it was emotionally intense and unusual wrt what happened in it. I was not processing what happened the day before nor was it very surreal, it was not the “usual strangeness” of a normal dream.

I do not remember most of it, but three things stuck. I played at a piano, Michael (band leader at our church) played guitar and I sung a song. I did not know the lyrics but improvised on the spot, not having to think about words, they just flowed out of my mouth.

It was amazing, I did not know how to play piano, nor did I know the song. I just sat down and started playing & singing.

I was so happy making music, moved to tears in the dream. Waking up in disbelief that I could be that moved by a dream, I touched my eyes to discover that tears really were running down my face. Even now when I write and recall it, it is still very touching.

I did play piano when I was younger, but stopped at about ten. I do sing in the youth group at our church. So I would not rate myself high, but in the dream I just knew, I just knew how to sing and play as if I had done nothing else in my life. It is the second dream that touched me so deeply and I believe both were God touching my life, something he wants to tell me, not a order of his, but something he wants to share with me.

Until thanksgiving nothing came of it, I enjoyed it but took no action. At thanksgiving however we had a meal in the church and I sat at a table with our second pastor and the young (and attractive) piano player. The pianist told of spoiled children she is teaching, how she learned playing and church music. It took some weeks but today I asked her if she can give me piano lessons. Making my dream reality.

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