Wednesday, April 19, 2006

PHP Wishlist

  1. A modified phpxref which can save its data, so the whole tree ist just parsed once and subsequent calls only parse the files which changed.
  2. Improved support for showing the argument list in emacs, specifically showing the arglist of builtin functions.
  3. Better Syntactic support for lambda-functions, something like Javascripts function () { ... }. because writing a function within a string simply sucks. Feels a lot like eval. And while we are at it: Closures.

Α is difficult for me as phpxref is written in perl, a language which seems to love implicity and side-effects, and is neither well structured nor properly documented. Nonetheless i'm trying.

Β is something i've been planning to do for a long time, but i haven't done any work to find out how to extract that information from the documentation. Anyways, setting up emacs to show the html docs within emacs is more important/easier to/for me.

Γ is wish where others can do better me.

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