Monday, December 08, 2003

cookies and books

Today I bought three bags of “Braune Kuchen” and three books:

  • Informatik - Eine konstruktive Einführung
  • LISP - Anwendungsgebiete, Grundbegriffe, Geschichte
  • The New UCI LISP Manual

The Informatik Library of my university sold them for € 0,50 each. I wish they had sold Pauls books aswell. There are some problems though. The first & the third one were typesetted with a Typewriter, the LISP code in the second book is badly formatted (spaces missing, few newlines), and all of them don't talk about common lisp, so you'll me things like DE instead of DEFUN.

Whats interesting is that “LISP - Anwendungsgebiete, Grundbegriffe, Geschichte” was written by a Prof. in the GDR.

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