Sunday, March 14, 2004

keyboards, keybindings, keywords ...

I ordered a keyboard with a US layout to see if programming with is easier/faster because often used keys like ([{/ are easier to reach and some emacs keybindings should seem less painfull, because you don't have to stretch your hand over the whole keyboard. Depending on if I want to keep the windows key as meta/super or I like the old IBM keyboard click better I'll try to get a IBM keyboard with US layout.

While I'm at it, i learned some new and very useful keybindings if you are editing lisp or any other code with lots of parenthesis. In addition to those a also added the following code, which is not as good as insert-parethesis, but does well enough for me.

(defun insert-doublequotes ()
  "Like insert-parenthesis, but inserts doublequotes (\")
   instead of parenthesis "
  (insert "\"\"")
(global-set-key "\M-\"" 'insert-doublequotes)

I always wondered why you need C-f, C-b etc. when you have arrow key which are there for just that specific purpose, but when you use parenthesis movement it's very nice to have them, because your hands can stay where they are and don't have to move to the arrow keys.

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