Wednesday, March 17, 2004

lisp books

Yesterday I browsed Amazon for lisp books and decided to buy Keenes CLOS book. Browsing a bit more I came along a unusual suspect, someone was trying to sell CLtL2 on Amazon marketplace, well he succeded and I'm now a proud owner of CLtL2, I can't wait till I hold it in my hands.

I have advanced to chapter 5 in PAIP, but it took me almost halve a day to solve exercise 4.2: Write a functions that generates a list of all permutations of a givn list. There were two problems for me: Bridging the gap between algorithm and code and figuring out that I didn't cover the simplest case: (PERMUTE '()) -> (()) while I thought (PERMUTE '(A)) -> ((A)) was the simplest case.

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