Saturday, July 31, 2004

Firefox nuisances

Firefox can be a nice browser, but there are two things that annoy me. It seems like it can't handle many images, bigger than 500kb, at once. As today my system was unusable because it kept swapping like wild and so that at some point the kernel (or whatever manages memory eaters) decided to kill it.
The other thing is the download window, which was fine before 0.9, but now it is like a annoying popup window. Every time a downloaded it pops into the foreground, which is especially annoying when I start several downloads. Previously it just opened when it was not there yet, but stayed in the background afterwards. I “fixed” this problem by deactivating “Show Download Manager window when a download begins” under “Preferences” -> “Downloads”

There is however once feature they did improve, the DOM Inspector. I usually use it to prepare websites for printing, that is I start up the DOM Inspector by Control-Shift-i, and delete everything I don't want. It is very handy to get rid of ads, format tables to use the whole page and thus waste less paper. And if you can't find something in the tree, you can use its finde node feature which is just point and click. Quite neat.

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