Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Great things to come ... *puff*

Sometimes when I read a paper or a book/paper about a great scientist, or simply some cool (mostly CS) stuff, I want to go out and develop the next great thing, write an application which puts some of the ideas, I just read about, in use. I am inspired by those texts, I want to do something, but nothing ever came from it, nothing. I hope someday something great will come from this, or I do something great, remember what I have read, how it inspired me, and think “ well it took some time, but at least something did come of it”

Probably it is not working out because you need to try and fail beforehand, build one to scratch it. Or in other words: It won't come from nothing, there is some work to be done upfront!

On a sidenote: There is one thing, nothing important, mostly of use for myself, i believe using emacs improved my typing. Maybe it's because it got in the way with I usually handle the keyboard. Previously I used key like END or PAGE UP, but with emacs I am using more different keychors.

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