Monday, March 04, 2013

Music & Literature

Today I received a LP in my mail, the limited edition 12" vinyl from Melt Yourself Down. When I heard their song "Fix My Live" on BBC6 I knew I had to have that song, so I went to their site and ordered the LP and with it came free downloads for both their songs. Had I bothered to read their site, I could have found out that the mp3s where actually free and I wouldn't have this LP which I can't use because my record player is broken. Yet I'm happy to have this great piece of music and to have supported a independent band.

In literature news: I've managed to read five books last month which is a new record for me. That's probably more than I have read in the last two years and one of them was even a manual (for org-mode)! One was about the history of Lockheed-Martin, their lobbying and "golden" toilet seats. The last three were about Expat live in Estonia: Vello Vikervaars "Marrying into Eastern Europe" and Justin Petrones "My Estonia" 1 & 2. Then this Friday being out of books to read I followed the "recommendation" of Justin and bought A. H. Tammsaares five part epic "Truth and Justice" (in German). That was a bit of an effort as they weren't available on Amazon. In the end I had to buy them from four different antiquity dealers and got the impression that I've bought the last ones.

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